John Mace - RENE, PSA, RSPS

Agent Headshot

Since 2010, I have worked, played, got married and started a family in Durango, CO. After graduating from the University of South Florida, I was relocated here for a position with a Fortune 500 company, and it was love at first sight; there was no going back! This place is ridiculously fun, and I’m excited and grateful to be a part of this community and raise a family here.

I am a full time Realtor and my business is built on relationships, not on volume. I have an extensive background of marketing, sales and good old fashioned customer service, which has enabled me to develop a diverse toolkit of skills and solutions to bring to the table. I enjoy the benefits that critical thinking and creative problem-solving offer in a real estate transaction.

Outside my adventures in real estate, you can find me exploring the Western Slope with my wife, kids and friends. I enjoy rafting majestic desert canyon rivers, mountain biking world class local trails, packing up the truck to head off into the mountains or desert, or just relaxing on my deck with friends, family, a hot grill and a cold beer.

If you’ve made it this far, then reach out! I’d love to hear your story and see how I can help.